Tips On Preserving Your Artwork For Future Use:

If you are an avid painter or an art collector, preserving important pieces is always on top of our list. it is important that we learn a few tips on how to preserve their condition over time. Below are some tips that you can apply on your own.

Store paintings and drawings in an acid-free environment. The reason why we are doing this is to extend the life of the artwork. Acid can contaminate the paper which will cause the artwork to age and decay faster. Follow the simple instructions below:

1.)Prepare a sturdy acid-free mount board where you will be placing the artwork. Make sure that the board won’t bend and will keep the artwork safe.

2.)Tape the painting using an acid free masking tape and secure the edges.

3.)Wrap the artwork facedown using glassine paper sheet which is quite similar to a tracing paper except that it is acid-free

If you plan on preserving a number of artworks then it would be advisable and economical to buy it in bulk. You can store your sealed artwork in a clear folder for easy access. You can have your paintings preserved or fixed by bringing it to a professional. You can visit canvas stretching Sydney if you would like to know more about the services that they offer. Most framing shops allow the customer to customize their frames, they offer a wide variety of frames, mat boards and glass. If you plan on preserving drawings or sketches you can use hairspray to protect the surface. The chemicals present in the hairspray prevent inks or pencil marks from spreading on the other parts of the drawing.

You may also consider framing your artwork or block mounting Sydney to increase its value especially if you are planning to sell it in the near future. If you want to stack canvas paintings then you have to make sure that that you won\’t put any weight on the center of the framework to prevent the canvass from tearing apart. Some frames don’t have sufficient support installed at the back. Sort your paintings according to sizes and secure each one of them with a bubble wrap to preserve it. You can also purchase big plastic boxes to store your canvas paintings. Watercolor paintings are a little bit difficult to preserve and protect but there are somethings that you can do to extend its lifespan and prevent its colors from fading over time. 1.) Make sure that your watercolor painting is totally dry and apply a coat of wax that is being used for pastel paintings. You can ask assistance from someone who works in an art supply store.